Gung hay fat choy!

Happy Chinese New Year From all of Froglets. We have continued our learning about the Chinese festival this week.

Mrs Aplin-Moore has been really impressed this week by the children’s story telling skills. Following on from learning the story ‘The Great Race’ last week, the children have been retelling the story for themselves using the story map and actions we learnt.

Here are some of the children’s actions for the animals…

Ella being the dog.
Jamie being the monkey.
Aeryn-May being the ox.
Connie being the horse.

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to try some Chinese foods. The kind people at Fung Sing in Kingsteignton gave us some fortune cookies and prawn crackers to try. We also made a stir fry of vegetables and noodles in the wok. We listened carefully to the sizzle and could smell the food cooking before we had a taste.

Esme really enjoyed her stir fry and ate it all up
Flynn enjoyed the prawn crackers.
The noodles were very long!
Tiani liked the prawn crackers so much she had seconds!

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