Peepo! Week 2.

We have continued our learning around the question… ‘who lives in my house’ this week by painting houses and thinking about the shapes needed for doors, windows and the roof. We have also talked about the number on our door at home. We have continued to think about who lives in my family and have used our binoculars to ‘Peepo!’ our friends. We hope you like our work!


This week we have been reading the story ‘Peepo!’ We have enjoyed looking at the pictures in the book and joining in with the repeated phrases used to tell the story. We have also made binoculars to ‘Peepo!’ through them to see what we can see… we even spotted cows in the Orchard and a stripy cat who got stuck up the tree!

Our Class Charter.

This is our Class Charter. We have all added our handprints to ‘agree’ to the statements and we will be looking at this over the next few weeks together in class. We have the right… to be happy, to be safe, to be healthy and to learn. We have the responsibility… to listen, to respect others, to make the right choice and to be kind. These statements all link in to the UNICEF articles we focus on fro our Rights Respecting Schools initiative.