Chinese New Year!

Froglets have started their learning about a new topic. For the next 2 weeks we will be learning about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated.

We have been learning the story of the Great race. This is all about how the Jade Emperor decided to have a race between 12 animals to find out which to name the new year after.

The children have been learning actions for the each of the animals and together we have made a story map to help us retell the whole story.

The children have also been having a go at their own races using the animal puppets.

We have also been making our own dancing dragon puppets this week.

Evie worked very hard on hers
Lewis did lots of glueing and sticking

Froglets had lots of fun on the playdough tables, making noodles and playing with chopsticks.

Hope made lots of noodles and tried hard to pick them up using the chopsticks.
Lola stuck her chopsticks into the playdough and thought they looked like birthday candles.

Merry Christmas!

Froglets have had a lovely last week of term. We have enjoyed lots of festive fun, having parties in both reception and Froglets.

We also found out the results of our Christmas colouring competition from Tesco express Kingsteignton. Esmae P won first place and Ben and Isaac came second and third. All those that took part also got a chocolatey treat! Thank you Tesco Express!

On Wednesday we had our school Christmas dinner. Lots of children tried a school lunch for the first time and everyone has a lovely lunchtime.

Merry Christmas everyone! See you next year!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Christmas fever has well and truly hit Froglets this week. We’ve been doing lots of christmasy things and counting down until when Santa comes.

On Monday, Santa wrote us a letter and delivered us a new friend for Froglets called Robin. She came with her very own story which we have been reading this week. The story is all about sharing and the true spirit of giving at Christmas.

We went on a very exciting trip on Wednesday to Kent’s cavern. One of Santa’s elves called Ginger took us on a tour of the caves where we did lots of fun things.

We tested toy lights to check they worked.

Found items all around the caves to help get the reindeers ready for Christmas Eve.
We even wrapped up Mrs Steer like a present!

Then we met Santa. He was asleep when we got there but he soon woke up when we shouting “SANTA!!!!”

He gave us all a present and we were all very happy. We sang Santa our we are Froglets song and he loved it!

Also this week we has grandparents afternoon. There were lots of christmasy activities to do.


Wow, what a busy week in Froglets this week!

On Thursday the children performed their nativity to over 60 adults and 70 children! I hope you agree that the were absolutely amazing! We were all very proud of how well the did. On Friday we watched the performance back and the children loved seeing themselves on the screen.

Also in Froglets this week…

We have been busy making Crowns Like the kings wear

Playing with our snowy winder wonderland with Elsa and Anna

We also had a visit from a mischievous elf Frog called Freddo. Santa sent him to Froglets to leave how to be a superstar like our Froglets but he just keeps being naughty! On Friday we found him hanging from the ceiling!

What trouble will he get into next week…

Nearly nativity!

We have been very busy in Froglets this week getting ready for our Nativity on Thursday 5th December. The Froglets have been practising on the stage every day, singing their songs and can’t wait for you to see them all dressed up.

Be sure to look out for Froglets Angels hoop in the hall during the Nativity

In Maths we have taken part in a whole school maths investigation this week based on the book- How many jelly beans?

Froglets looked at the colour of the beans and sorted them out. We then had a go at counting how many there were. We even had a go at comparing the groups to see which had more.

This week we also introduced our Mastery Meerkat Challenge, linked to the story How many Jelly Beans? This gave the children the opportunity to talk about how they know the answer, using talk to deepen their knowledge.

Festival of light!

This week in Froglets. we have continued our light and dark topic by learning about the Hindu and Sikh festival of Diwali.

The children had a go at printing Rangoli patterns. These are often found on doorsteps during Diwali to have a calming effect on visitors entering the house.

Isla and Violet painting their doilies

We watched a video all about the story of Rama and Sita. At the end of the story there were lots of special lights called Diva lamps. On the playdough table the children made their own Diva lamps, moulding the playdough and adding sequins.

We went over to reception to visit twice this week. The older Froglets really enjoyed seeing their old Froglets friends who are now in reception and the newer Froglets got the chance to make some new friends.

Crackle, fizz, Bang!

This week in Froglets we have started our new topic of light, dark and colours. We started by talking all about fireworks. The children shared their experiences of the colours and sounds they make and have done lots of fun firework learning.

In the creative area we have had lots of fun printing fireworks and sprinkling glitter.

Steph got very painty…
Ella enjoyed sprinkling the glitter!

We’ve been making lots of marks in the glitter tray. The children looked and the fireworks and used their fingers to draw them. Our story of the week this week was Wow said the owl. The children learnt all about the colours the owl could see and how to sign each colour using makaton.