Final round up of home learning


Wow! What can we say? So much fantastic learning has taken place at home over the last 4 months! Well done if you’ve baked, drawn pictures, played games and explored the outdoors- you have all done a brilliant job and we are so proud of you! Here is the final round up on our last week of term. 


Week 5 of home learning!

Lots more busy learning has been happening this week. Take a look…

This week we set the challenge of finding out about something and making a poster. Lots of our friends tried this, making posters about a variety of different topics.

In maths we have been sorting! Sorting out your toys into groups of toys you play with all the time and toys you don’t play with very much was a great way to organise!
Making snakes with pegs was another great counting idea that was tried this week.
We are all still loving transport this week and it’s been lovely to see you building with the things you are at home!

Lots of you have been being creative this week, colouring, painting and chalking!

Keep up the good work everyone and make sure you’re having lots of fun too! One more week of home learning and then it is half term!

This weeks home learning!

Wow guys you have been up to so much learning this week. Everyone is trying bits a pieces which is great. It’s lovely to see all your happy faces on tapestry. Take a look at all the things you have been up to.

In phonics we focused on rhyming. Lots of children tried reading stories to find the rhyme and having a go at playing silly soup.
We asked you to have a go at trying something new. It was lovely to see you taking on the challenge and trying new foods or games you hadn’t played before.
In maths we started sorting different items. It was lovely to see you helping out with jobs such as washing up to help sort the plates, cups and bowels.
More planting and watering has been happening this week. It’s lovely to see the things that you have been growing and how you are taking care of them.
Children have also been getting creative and enjoying expressing themselves through arts and crafts.
You have also been doing counting in lots of different ways, getting really confident with making amounts and recognising numbers.

Looking forward to lots more lovely learning new week 😀

Week 2 and 3 of home learning!

We are now halfway through the half term and what a lovely few weeks of learning it has been.

34 out of 56 of children are now using google classroom which is lovely to see. I have been busy at school this week and so there haven’t been as many videos but don’t worry I will record some more for next week to match the learning.

I have also been looking at tapestry and seen lots of lovely learning that I would love to celebrate. Have a look below to see what everyone has been up to. Each week we will be celebrating so don’t worry if you don’t see you there this time, you may be there next time 😀

Transport has been our theme this week. Evie has a go at making her very own bus!
Flynn and his sister Amber have been missing their trips to home bargains and costa and so made their own!
Violet’s been practising her counting using socks on a washing line.
Aeryn-May has been practising matching her letters
Rose has been busy colouring in her hands and making posters
Florence has a go at Mrs Mackie’s making a rainbow experiment
Daniel made and decorated his own guitar!
Jacks been counting using his lion king figures in a five frame

Great learning everyone!

Week 1 of Home learning

It is all a bit strange being away from school and not seeing our friends and teachers but I have been overwhelmed by how well everyone is doing and all of your positivity.

Each week on a Monday a sheet of planning will go out and then there will be some videos on google classroom to match. It’s then down to you guys. Having spoken to some people on the phone they have said things like “I don’t know how you do it! Teaching is so hard!” But you are doing it and you are amazing parents, you don’t need to be amazing teachers. In Froglets it’s all about learning through play, children can pick up so much from you just spending time, interacting and having fun with them so please do not worry.

I have been checking in with tapestry regularly and it has been so lovely to see all of the things you are up to together. I have really enjoyed the variety of the uploads. Please don’t feel it has to be things we have planned for you that you upload. Whatever learning the children are doing were keen to see. If you are having any problems accessing tapestry, please let us know and we can sort it out for you.

This week you have been up so so much! Lots of lovely listening walks, counting to 3, traditional tale reading, playing games and taking turns, playing hide and seek and so much more! Keep up the learning and fun 😀

We are Minibeast experts

Wow what a 3 weeks it has been learning about Minibeasts!

This week we went onto the innovation stage of our learning about the very hungry caterpillar and came up with our own version of the story called The very hungry Mrs Aplin-Moore.

Here it is…

We have also been very busy painting and writing cards for the special Mummies, Nannies and grownups in our lives. This is top secret though and you will see more next week 😀

Mini beasts are everywhere!

We have had another very busy week in Froglets this week. We continued our learning about mini beasts.

The children have been retelling the story of the very hungry caterpillar. We learnt what the word cocoon means and have been using it when talking about the caterpillars transition into a butterfly.

Ella used the cards to put the story in the right order.
Lola told the story using the book to help.
Jensen counted all of the fruit.

The children have been busy painting their own Mini beasts this week.

Evie painted lots of legs on her centipede.

We have been pretend mini beast hunting in our outside area and ticking off which minibeasts we have found.

Esme found a snail
Lilly found lots of Mini beasts
Ella found the spider.

After all of our practicing, on Friday we went on a real mini beast hunt.

We looked in the stones.
We found lots under the plant pots.
It was tricky to find them in the plants.

On Thursday it was world book day and we all enjoyed dressing in our Pyjamas. We did some shared reading with the year 6 children which everyone really enjoyed.

We had hot chocolate and marshmallows as a treat. It was yummy!

Mini beasts!

This week we have started our new topic of Minibeasts! The children have been very excited and had lots of questions about where they live and how they move.

We started by reading our new class story, The very Hungry Caterpillar.

The children have been learning the days of the week and what the caterpillar eats on each day.

We have been doing lots of learning activities about minibeasts. Here’s what we have been up to.

We started the week by exploring paint mixing and how to make green.

Lola enjoyed mixing the paint with her hands.
Evie made a pattern with her colours.

We then used the green we had made to paint our own very hungry caterpillar.

Lewis painted a face on his hungry caterpillar
Maisie really enjoyed using her hands to paint.
Esmae was very proud of her hungry caterpillar.

We found there were bugs in the jelly!

Connie and Ollie has lots of fun in the jelly.
Ollie liked how the jelly felt.

We threaded leaves from the hungry caterpillar story.

Steph was proud of her threading

The children have been really interested In playing with each other’s hair and having theirs put up so we had a hair dressers in Froglets this week.

Connie pretended to wash and colour Aeryn-Mays hair

It was pancake day this week so on Tuesday we had a go at making out own pancakes.

Aidan helped to mix
Thomas enjoyed doing some mixing
Merlin couldn’t wait to try them.
Mrs Small showed off her flipping skills.