Busy busy busy!

This week in Froglets we’ve been very busy doing lots of jobs and activities.

Christmas came early to Froglets when we started making our Christmas card designs. The children enjoyed making snowmen and Christmas trees using a range of different materials, the glitter was a big hit!

As a school, St Michaels children have all been learning about children’s rights and the UN convention on the child. This is part of a UNICEF awards scheme to ensure all children understand their rights and how they fit into their daily lives. In Froglets we talked about the different between wanting something e.g. a new bike and having the right to something e.g the chance to learn.

Together we made some play dough like we use in dough disco for the enterprise sale taking place after school on Friday 18th October. The children helped to make a poster to explain dough disco, showing the moves we do so they can do them at home.

Here are some of the other activities we have done this week.

Esmae enjoyed learning to cut on the snipping table.

Jacob had lots of fun giving the babies a bath in the water tray.

Rose and Evie worked together to build using the Polydron. Lots of children enjoyed exploring the soap flakes and glitter.


Autumn time in Froglets

This week Froglets noticed that the weather has started to change. We’ve talked lots about the signs of autumn and what we are beginning to see.

On Monday we went on an autumn walk around the school grounds to look for leaves for us to use in our learning. We founds lots of different types of leaves and looked at their colours. 

Later in the week we has a go at printing our own tree. We thought back to the colours we had seen on our walk and painted handprint leaves.

On Friday we had a case of the missing puzzle piece. The children were very keen to help find it. Off they went searching around the room using magnifying glasses. In the end Jamie found it for us after lots of careful looking.

Our senses!

This week in Froglets we have been thinking more about our bodies. Every day we have looked at one of our senses.

We started the week by thinking about what we could see. We read the shark in the dark story and made our own telescopes. Off we went on a hunt around school to see what we could see. We saw lots of photos in the corridor… Noticed a disco ball in the hall…Looked up to see the moon outside…and saw the train on the playground.

We then spent time thinking about what we could hear and had lots of fun banging, strumming and shaking the instruments. Flynn and Jamie pretended to be rock stars on the stage. Tiani enjoyed playing the ukulele. Jesse tried lots of different ways of making the ukulele make sounds.

We also had lots of fun drawing around our bodies and colouring ourselves in.

We also had a circle time about what we use our hands for and how they are kind to one another. The children came up with some great ideas of what things we could do with our hands such as high fives, playing cars and painting They also knew that we don’t do things like fighting or snatching with our hands.

All about us!

What a brilliant start Froglets have had to the year! All of the children have settled really well and are beginning to make friends.

This week we have started our All about me topic! The children have been telling us all themselves and their families and drawing portraits.

Jesse thought about the colours he needed.
Rose knew where her features should be.
Jamie looked carefully in the mirror to help him.

We also have been thinking about our body parts in Froglets this week. We sang ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ and then labelled where each of these things were on Mrs Aplin-Moore. We even thought of a few more such as hip, wrist and ankle, she was very impressed!

Everyone pointed body parts they knew!

We have had the dressing up box out in Froglets this week. The children have loved making up their own stories and it has really helped develop new friendships.

Betsy and Isla dressed up as princesses.
Mrs Aplin-Moore even joined in to encourage those that weren’t sure!

Fly fly away…

Over the past few weeks, Froglets have had some visitors in the classroom. We have had some caterpillars to look after. We watched them carefully as they ate the food and grew bigger and bigger. Last week they crawled to the top of the pot and turned themselves into cocoons. 2 caterpillars hatched this week. The children called them Nemo and Sausage.

We let the butterflies go in the secret garden and they flew off to explore.

We have one caterpillar left that is yet to hatch so will have to wait and see what the Froglets will name them next week.

Roll up Roll up…

This week Froglets continued their learning about the circus!

We were very lucky to have a visit from Elfic the Juggler. He showed us how to juggle and rode his very tall unicycle around the playground. We had a lot of fun! After we had the chance to have a go at some circus skills for ourselves…

Edward and his Mummy Practised Plate spinning!
Eva tried to balance the juggling club on her nose and hula hoop at the same time!
Adaline balanced on the tightrope!
Flynn enjoyed the seesaw balance!

We have also been doing some growing in Froglets. Last week the children planted some cress seeds and this week they got to see what had happened to them. They all knew they had to water the seeds to help them grow.

Helen watering her cress
Amelia watering her cress
Olivia watering her cress

We have done lots of name writing this week. Look how good we are getting…

Noah has been trying really hard to master his name!
Grace is very proud that she can now write her name!
Brilliant writing Frank!

Froglets join the circus!

This week we introduced our new topic of Circus! We started by watching some clips of the Greatest Showman, looking closely at the circus skills and of course singing along.

We have done lots of circus themed activities…

We practised our circus skills, jumping on the trampoline, walking on stilts, ribbon twirling, hula hooping and tight rope walking.

Milo’s becoming really confident at Walking on the Stilts!
Look at Matilda bounce!

Froglet’s even had a go at making their own big top using the parachute!

Our learning in maths this week has been all about Capacity. We’ve had lots of fun in the water tray exploring filling and emptying containers. We are beginning to compare them and estimate how much would fill them too!

Alice estimate it would take 5 cups of water to fill her container…
Harrison thought it might take 100 pippet fulls to empty his.

Every day after lunch we practise writing our names…

Noah is getting very good at writing his name! Well done Noah!