Colour magic!

We have been so busy with our LCC book (wow said the owl) this week… we have been making owls, spotting rainbows and even colour mixing with brushes and cars! take a look at our wonderful learning… we think you’ll say “WOW!”

“Wow! Said the owl.”

This week we have started our new LCC book… “Wow said the Owl!!”

This is a fabulous book all about colour and we have lots of colour based activities in Froglets too. I wonder if you can spot any colourful owls when you drop your little one off in the morning?

If you don’t know this story or have it at home please check it out on You Tube.

Poppy Day 2021.

Today we learnt all about Remembrance Day. We talked about remembering the people who died in the wars and all made our own poppies. We watched ‘My first festival…. Remembrance Day’ on CBeebies and talked about what the poppies mean. We will all be wearing them home to show our families.