Our new crab apple tree!

Yesterday we planted a brand new tree in the orchard. This is our Froglets crab apple tree and we can say hello to it on our way to and from our classroom. Mrs Twiggs talked to us all about our tree and what it needs to grow. We planted it in a big hole and as we gave it a drink of water, we cheered to celebrate it being planted! We cannot wait to see how tall it will grow but know it may take sometime… maybe one day it will be bigger than us!

World Book Day 2021!

We have had a wonderful day at Froglets today to celebrate World Book Day! We had so many characters come to visit: Peter Pan, Snow White, Princess Pearl, Love Monster, Chase, Wendy Darling, Elsa, Little Red Riding Hood, a pirate, a tiger, a farmer, Captain America, a fairy and even a Storm Trooper. Even the grown ups joined in! We joined our friends at home to sing Nursery Rhymes, read LOTS of books, sung LOTS of Nursery Rhymes and coloured in some book character pictures. We have had a book-tastic day! πŸ™‚

Arts Week 2021.

Last week was Arts week for the whole school with a focus on happiness. We had some amazing bottle moment drawings sent in to Froglets with trips to the zoo, pizza making with friends, kite flying, hugs for grandparents and playing with our friends all on the to do list for as soon as we can!

In school we have been thinking about what makes us happy. Everyone painted happy faces onto a heart shape and told us about when they feel happy! These included: dancing, painting, being tickled, butterflies, going to the beach, running fast, cuddling puppies and chocolate!