Dear Zoo!

Our focus question this term is… Who are the famous animals in my book? This week we have started exploring the book Dear Zoo by reading it and discussing what we already know about the animals in the story. We know a lot already! Some of our ideas included: Frogs are green and hop, snakes hiss, lions have 4 legs and roar, camels have water in their humps and dogs are fluffy! We have also started painting and collaging the animals, playing with our small world zoo and moving our bodies like the different animals.

Winter Wonderland!

We started this term focusing on the season of Winter. It was pretty chilly at Nursery and we explored the frost and ice in the garden while the weather was cold!

Inside we put some of our toys in pots of water and talked about what would happen to the water when we left it overnight in the freezer. Lots of amazing wow words were explored including freeze, colder, icy, frosty and chilly!

When we checked out pots they were totally frozen! We then had to help our toys escape and had so much fun trying to break the ice to get them out! We had so much fun we repeated the activity the next day too… such amazing scientific exploration! 🙂