We are Minibeast experts

Wow what a 3 weeks it has been learning about Minibeasts!

This week we went onto the innovation stage of our learning about the very hungry caterpillar and came up with our own version of the story called The very hungry Mrs Aplin-Moore.

Here it is…

We have also been very busy painting and writing cards for the special Mummies, Nannies and grownups in our lives. This is top secret though and you will see more next week 😀

Mini beasts are everywhere!

We have had another very busy week in Froglets this week. We continued our learning about mini beasts.

The children have been retelling the story of the very hungry caterpillar. We learnt what the word cocoon means and have been using it when talking about the caterpillars transition into a butterfly.

Ella used the cards to put the story in the right order.
Lola told the story using the book to help.
Jensen counted all of the fruit.

The children have been busy painting their own Mini beasts this week.

Evie painted lots of legs on her centipede.

We have been pretend mini beast hunting in our outside area and ticking off which minibeasts we have found.

Esme found a snail
Lilly found lots of Mini beasts
Ella found the spider.

After all of our practicing, on Friday we went on a real mini beast hunt.

We looked in the stones.
We found lots under the plant pots.
It was tricky to find them in the plants.

On Thursday it was world book day and we all enjoyed dressing in our Pyjamas. We did some shared reading with the year 6 children which everyone really enjoyed.

We had hot chocolate and marshmallows as a treat. It was yummy!