🐸 Welcome to the Lily Pad! 🐸

🌞 Last week we opened our new classroom and have named it The Lily Pad. The children have had so much fun exploring our new space and playing in our expanded garden area! We have big plans for how to utilise our new environment and are looking forward to adding all the children’s learning to the classroom to make it feel more like home!

We are using the 2 classrooms (The Lily Pad and The Pond) as ‘bases’ for the children to register, hang their coats, for carpet sessions and to eat their lunch. For most of their time with us they are free to explore all areas of Froglets and enjoy hours of uninterrupted free play opportunities alongside our amazing staff team. We have loved seeing the children enjoy their new space and have made a great start to the Summer Term! 🌞

The Lily Pad
The Pond

Jack and the Beanstalk!

Spring Term 2… A cheeky boy called Jack planted some very magical beans in Froglets this week… we watched a beanstalk grow and giant boots appear at the top! Luckily he didn’t climb down to visit us properly but we did learn all about the story and read lots of different versions to discuss what was the same or different about what happened. We also explored the book ‘Each Peach Pear Plum’ in school, singing lots of Nursery Rhymes and learning about many characters from traditional tales.