Week 1 of Home learning

It is all a bit strange being away from school and not seeing our friends and teachers but I have been overwhelmed by how well everyone is doing and all of your positivity.

Each week on a Monday a sheet of planning will go out and then there will be some videos on google classroom to match. It’s then down to you guys. Having spoken to some people on the phone they have said things like “I don’t know how you do it! Teaching is so hard!” But you are doing it and you are amazing parents, you don’t need to be amazing teachers. In Froglets it’s all about learning through play, children can pick up so much from you just spending time, interacting and having fun with them so please do not worry.

I have been checking in with tapestry regularly and it has been so lovely to see all of the things you are up to together. I have really enjoyed the variety of the uploads. Please don’t feel it has to be things we have planned for you that you upload. Whatever learning the children are doing were keen to see. If you are having any problems accessing tapestry, please let us know and we can sort it out for you.

This week you have been up so so much! Lots of lovely listening walks, counting to 3, traditional tale reading, playing games and taking turns, playing hide and seek and so much more! Keep up the learning and fun 😀