Chinese New Year!

Froglets have started their learning about a new topic. For the next 2 weeks we will be learning about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated.

We have been learning the story of the Great race. This is all about how the Jade Emperor decided to have a race between 12 animals to find out which to name the new year after.

The children have been learning actions for the each of the animals and together we have made a story map to help us retell the whole story.

The children have also been having a go at their own races using the animal puppets.

We have also been making our own dancing dragon puppets this week.

Evie worked very hard on hers
Lewis did lots of glueing and sticking

Froglets had lots of fun on the playdough tables, making noodles and playing with chopsticks.

Hope made lots of noodles and tried hard to pick them up using the chopsticks.
Lola stuck her chopsticks into the playdough and thought they looked like birthday candles.

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