I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet…

Froglets have been learning all about animals over the last 2 weeks.

Our focus text has been Dear Zoo

The children have learnt the story and come up with actions to help them remember.

I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet…
They sent me…
An elephant but he was too big so I sent him back.

The children have also been doing lots of animal themed activities…

We wrote to the zoo asking for our favourite animal from the story as a pet. Annie wanted a giraffe.

We looked hard at the patterns the animals had on the and then tried to recreate them using different techniques.

Lewis rollered the yellow paint and then splodged the brown to make a giraffe pattern.
Rufus and Flynn used the cotton buds to paint long lines for their zebra pattern.

We also had to wash the farm animals as they were very muddy.

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