Our senses!

This week in Froglets we have been thinking more about our bodies. Every day we have looked at one of our senses.

We started the week by thinking about what we could see. We read the shark in the dark story and made our own telescopes. Off we went on a hunt around school to see what we could see. We saw lots of photos in the corridor… Noticed a disco ball in the hall…Looked up to see the moon outside…and saw the train on the playground.

We then spent time thinking about what we could hear and had lots of fun banging, strumming and shaking the instruments. Flynn and Jamie pretended to be rock stars on the stage. Tiani enjoyed playing the ukulele. Jesse tried lots of different ways of making the ukulele make sounds.

We also had lots of fun drawing around our bodies and colouring ourselves in.

We also had a circle time about what we use our hands for and how they are kind to one another. The children came up with some great ideas of what things we could do with our hands such as high fives, playing cars and painting They also knew that we don’t do things like fighting or snatching with our hands.

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