Busy busy busy!

This week in Froglets we’ve been very busy doing lots of jobs and activities.

Christmas came early to Froglets when we started making our Christmas card designs. The children enjoyed making snowmen and Christmas trees using a range of different materials, the glitter was a big hit!

As a school, St Michaels children have all been learning about children’s rights and the UN convention on the child. This is part of a UNICEF awards scheme to ensure all children understand their rights and how they fit into their daily lives. In Froglets we talked about the different between wanting something e.g. a new bike and having the right to something e.g the chance to learn.

Together we made some play dough like we use in dough disco for the enterprise sale taking place after school on Friday 18th October. The children helped to make a poster to explain dough disco, showing the moves we do so they can do them at home.

Here are some of the other activities we have done this week.

Esmae enjoyed learning to cut on the snipping table.

Jacob had lots of fun giving the babies a bath in the water tray.

Rose and Evie worked together to build using the Polydron. Lots of children enjoyed exploring the soap flakes and glitter.


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