All about us!

What a brilliant start Froglets have had to the year! All of the children have settled really well and are beginning to make friends.

This week we have started our All about me topic! The children have been telling us all themselves and their families and drawing portraits.

Jesse thought about the colours he needed.
Rose knew where her features should be.
Jamie looked carefully in the mirror to help him.

We also have been thinking about our body parts in Froglets this week. We sang ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ and then labelled where each of these things were on Mrs Aplin-Moore. We even thought of a few more such as hip, wrist and ankle, she was very impressed!

Everyone pointed body parts they knew!

We have had the dressing up box out in Froglets this week. The children have loved making up their own stories and it has really helped develop new friendships.

Betsy and Isla dressed up as princesses.
Mrs Aplin-Moore even joined in to encourage those that weren’t sure!

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