Roll up Roll up…

This week Froglets continued their learning about the circus!

We were very lucky to have a visit from Elfic the Juggler. He showed us how to juggle and rode his very tall unicycle around the playground. We had a lot of fun! After we had the chance to have a go at some circus skills for ourselves…

Edward and his Mummy Practised Plate spinning!
Eva tried to balance the juggling club on her nose and hula hoop at the same time!
Adaline balanced on the tightrope!
Flynn enjoyed the seesaw balance!

We have also been doing some growing in Froglets. Last week the children planted some cress seeds and this week they got to see what had happened to them. They all knew they had to water the seeds to help them grow.

Helen watering her cress
Amelia watering her cress
Olivia watering her cress

We have done lots of name writing this week. Look how good we are getting…

Noah has been trying really hard to master his name!
Grace is very proud that she can now write her name!
Brilliant writing Frank!

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