Froglets join the circus!

This week we introduced our new topic of Circus! We started by watching some clips of the Greatest Showman, looking closely at the circus skills and of course singing along.

We have done lots of circus themed activities…

We practised our circus skills, jumping on the trampoline, walking on stilts, ribbon twirling, hula hooping and tight rope walking.

Milo’s becoming really confident at Walking on the Stilts!
Look at Matilda bounce!

Froglet’s even had a go at making their own big top using the parachute!

Our learning in maths this week has been all about Capacity. We’ve had lots of fun in the water tray exploring filling and emptying containers. We are beginning to compare them and estimate how much would fill them too!

Alice estimate it would take 5 cups of water to fill her container…
Harrison thought it might take 100 pippet fulls to empty his.

Every day after lunch we practise writing our names…

Noah is getting very good at writing his name! Well done Noah!

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