This weeks home learning!

Wow guys you have been up to so much learning this week. Everyone is trying bits a pieces which is great. It’s lovely to see all your happy faces on tapestry. Take a look at all the things you have been up to.

In phonics we focused on rhyming. Lots of children tried reading stories to find the rhyme and having a go at playing silly soup.
We asked you to have a go at trying something new. It was lovely to see you taking on the challenge and trying new foods or games you hadn’t played before.
In maths we started sorting different items. It was lovely to see you helping out with jobs such as washing up to help sort the plates, cups and bowels.
More planting and watering has been happening this week. It’s lovely to see the things that you have been growing and how you are taking care of them.
Children have also been getting creative and enjoying expressing themselves through arts and crafts.
You have also been doing counting in lots of different ways, getting really confident with making amounts and recognising numbers.

Looking forward to lots more lovely learning new week 😀

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