It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Christmas fever has well and truly hit Froglets this week. We’ve been doing lots of christmasy things and counting down until when Santa comes.

On Monday, Santa wrote us a letter and delivered us a new friend for Froglets called Robin. She came with her very own story which we have been reading this week. The story is all about sharing and the true spirit of giving at Christmas.

We went on a very exciting trip on Wednesday to Kent’s cavern. One of Santa’s elves called Ginger took us on a tour of the caves where we did lots of fun things.

We tested toy lights to check they worked.

Found items all around the caves to help get the reindeers ready for Christmas Eve.
We even wrapped up Mrs Steer like a present!

Then we met Santa. He was asleep when we got there but he soon woke up when we shouting “SANTA!!!!”

He gave us all a present and we were all very happy. We sang Santa our we are Froglets song and he loved it!

Also this week we has grandparents afternoon. There were lots of christmasy activities to do.

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