Musical fun!

What a fun week we have had exploring sound in Froglets this week. To continue our learning about different sounds we welcomed a visit from Kip Pratt. He performed using lots of different instruments and we even got to join in!

We loved trying out all the instruments alongside Kip so we thought we would continue to perform in our own Froglets band!

We grabbed lots of Ukuleles, drums and xylophones and had a go at playing quickly, slowly, loudly and quietly!

Learning about recycling!

Today we had a visitor called Hannah from Resource Futures (Education Devon) who came to Froglets to talk to us all about Recycling. We pretended to be pirates, rowed our boat around the Nursery garden and found some sea creatures who needed rescuing as they were tangled up in plastic! We learnt all about why we need to take our litter home and put it in the bin to keep animals safe. Hannah shared a story called β€˜Duffy’s Lucky Escape’ which was about Duffy the turtle who had to rescued after eating a plastic bag she thought was a plastic bag.

Pancake Day

We had so much fun on pancake day. We had a go at making our own pancakes and tasted and smelt lemons! We looked at the ingredients that went into making pancakes and talked about our favourite toppings. At the end of the day we all had a try of some pancakes – we chose plain, lemon or chocolate ones – they were delicious!

Making maps

We have been busy reading and retelling the ‘What the Ladybird Heard story’. After joining in with the story we had a go at making maps of the farm just like Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh drew.

Showing our friends!

We were so proud of our pictures of all the animals and we even had a go at drawing the arrows showing the route they wanted to take. Fantastic map making Froglets!

πŸ„πŸž What the Ladybird Heard πŸžπŸ„

We have had so much fun with our learning this term… we would like to show you some of the amazing provision we have had in place for your children to explore. We hope you can use these pictures to help your child talk to you at home about their learning and what they have enjoyed exploring whilst with us. We have especially loved listening to Julia Donaldson song her song about the ladybird… we laughed a lot about the mixed up noises the animals made to trick the baddies! Enjoy!

πŸ“–πŸ“˜πŸΈ New book bags! πŸΈπŸ“˜πŸ“–

Most of you have now been able to take home a school book in your new book bags. We hope you have enjoyed sharing these at home as a family. You do not need to bring them in every day but anytime you’re ready to change the book inside. We will leave these out for you to collect at pick up time in a box on the slope up to the Lily Pad or on the table outside the Pond. Happy Reading! πŸ“–